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It is not affiliated with any of the manufacturers or service providers discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Lobster Contact options for registered users. Paul Mc Cann Contact options for registered users.

Paul Mc Cann wrote: NotMe Contact options for registered users. My impression was that all you get is day to pay your bill, but prices trade account b&q discount exactly the same as retail. I'll be happy to be proven wrong Mogweed Contact options for registered users.

Personally, all the card means to me is that I can get stuff, put it on the account and pay later. Are you there, Rick?!! Rick Contact options for registered users. On Mon, 28 Mar This is lower prices than the shelf prices.

Once you have your order I buy enough to fill the delivery lorryyou go back to the trade desk, and order the stuff.

You get the shelf prices, so you wave trade account b&q discount trade price trade account b&q discount, and magically the prices come down.

If you have a written quote from elsewhwre, wave that, and the prices come down some more. If you want a whole pile of stuff, and can get an arctic in, then they are open trade account b&q discount even lower prices, talk to the trade desk manager. The trade account is like a credit card, is not an extra low price. Bob Eager Contact options for registered users. Click to see the full signature.

Andy Hall Contact options for registered users. On Sun, 27 Mar Some wholesale organisations still insist on bank details, VAT numbers etc. This is probably because a significant proportion of customers are sole traders who are not VAT registered and they don't want to make it too hard for them to do business.

Quite a number seemed to have gone trade account b&q discount a model of working on the amount of business you do with them in general or on specific product lines to determine trade account b&q discount on them. I was able to negotiate a pretty substantial discount on the purchase, and now everything MK that I buy there attracts the same discount, and there is generally pretty good discount on other stuff as well.

I've found that other places look at business volume on a quarterly basis or other similar arrangements. I don't think that Trade account b&q discount been asked for headed paper etc. Andrew McKay Contact options for registered users. Great for kitchen trade account b&q discount etc. I'm not aware of them offering trade discounts, but of course they might for big players. Andrew Please note that the email address used for posting usenet messages is configured such that my antispam filter will automatically update itself so that the senders email address is flagged as spam.

If you do need to contact me please visit my web site trade account b&q discount submit an enquiry - http: You need a business bank account, I used a mbna business credit card statement, plus a utility bill. After 3 months if you have been a good boy then you can ask to have the limit raised. It's actually quite convenient because you buy something in March say and you don't have to pay until mid-May.

Cuprager Contact options for registered users. Alan Contact options for registered users. Not sure what the situation is now but a couple of years back there were some products which were cheaper - bulk bags of sand being one but the discounts were small and bettered elsewhere. Flashings etc were full price but my local BM would discount these at the same rate as windows if I bought the windows too and were therefore cheaper overall so got my business.

Basically not worth bothering with IMHO as the other benefits such trade account b&q discount credit, free delivery etc are available at your independent BM who will give better discounts.

Mike Contact options trade account b&q discount registered users. And I think normal customers can get these as well if they happen to be able to take away a whole pallet of plaster themselves: Yesterday's shooting was a simple misunderstanding - the site's newest thread. Posted in Home Repair. Keep me logged in. Register new account I forgot my password. Save Edits Use Original Image.

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